1. How do I search appropriate books ?
A. On the home page in the search bar you can search with attributes ISBN, title (bookname), Author, Keyword.

2. How do I order books online?
A. Be informed that the books bought online will not be taken on return basis.

3. Where do I find the books near me?
A. You can purchase our books in the nearest bookstore near you. You can refer the distributors and bookstore list in the contact us section of the website.

4. How do I participate in Techknowledge student Association (TSA) ?
A. You can fill the form in the featured insights of TSA.

5. How do I apply for scholarship?
A. Please go to scholarship page and fill the application form. The applications are welcomed ever year August 1 to September 30 th. And the Results will be announced within 30 days.

6. What to do if I want to Publish/author a book with Techknowledge Publication?
A. Please fill the enquire form provided in the resources section under Publish with us.

7. Where do I find all the book catalogues?
A. In the digital library section in footer.

8. Where do I find the the MCQ /extra practice question?
A. In the digital library section in footer

9. How do I place bulk order of the Techknoweldge books? ( For distributors and retail book sellers )
A. Please download the bulk order forms in the resources section.